August 4, 2013

Web: Austin Parker New Web Site

Italy's Austin Parker updates its website to a new platform showcasing the recent new models introduced by this brand. Founded in 1998, Austin Parker has been among the first in Italy to concentrate on building Traditional down east lobster looking boats. This formula has been a success considering that today in Italy around a dozen of brands build and design lobster looking boats. Ten years after its founding Austin Parker presents a new strategy focusing to more cross over style with renowned marine designer Fulvio De Simoni delivering the final product, and a complete new line of models which today features seven models from 36 to 72 feet. The new range introduction started with the 42 Open in 2009, and was followed by the just launched 42 Sport. This last mixing traditional lobster looks with those of a classic open cruiser. The latest Austin Parker models launched in 2012 are the 64 Fly, and the 36 Natante.  Austin Parker new website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons: Shipyard, Press Room, News and Events, Dealers Network, Catalogues and Contacts. A button for each of the seven models is also featured in the entrance page.  Austin Parker also is to be found on social media hubs; Facebook, YouTube, and on the AppStore with all the three page having a direct link on the right top corner of the website.