March 17, 2013

Web: Bertram New Web Site

Legendary boat builder Bertram founded in 1961 updates its website to a fresher platform. Interestingly this new web site was beta tested for three months before its launch. Bertram starts its operation in 1960 when the Bertram 31 Moppie is launched and raced during the Miami Nassau winning the event in one of the worst weathers in the race history and setting a new record of under four minutes to the previous one.  It is a year later to this that Richard Bertram presents the fiberglass build 31 Moppie a production run of the racing model.  After the launch Bertram becomes a division of Nautec, a change of ownership which follows in 1968 becoming part of the Whittaker Corporation, Investcorp in 1985 who buy part interests, and the latest one which still lasts till today to Ferretti Group.  Apart from the 1960 legendary start win Bertram has had many highlights in its years from winning races; 1962 Miami Nassau, 1964 Viareggio Bastia, 1965 Cowes Torquay and Miami Key West, all these with Richard on the helm who retires in 1966 but returns for a small stint in the 1969 Miami Nassau.  Other Bertram highlights are the numbers of its construction building its thousand hull in 1971.  Bertram has also had important flagships in its run from the 58 Convertible launched in 1977 with an aluminum super structure, the 72 Convertible in 1989, and the 800 in 2010.  Bertram has also presented some models which are still regarded as benchmarks in its career from the 1960 31 which was the first model of the brand,  to the 28 launched in 1971 built in 2200 units, to the 54 which sets a bench mark in 50 plus feet sportfish yachts.  Bertram has in 2012 changed to a new construction site in Merritt Island and its current model line ups features five models from the 54 to the 80, with the latest model being the 2011 introduced 64.  Bertram new website takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Models, Partners, and Press.  Bertram new site also features links to its socials hubs; Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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