June 23, 2012

Web: Jet Tern Selene New Web Site

Selene yachts line of Jet Tern company from Taiwan with building bases in China, presents its new European web site.  Jet Tern Marine was founded by Howard Chen in 1998, and its first Selene trawler was completed and delivered to the US in 1999.  Currently Jet Tern builds its yachts in China at Dongguan and Zhuhai shipyards who produces twelve Selene models, divided into two lines; Trawler and Explorer.  The entry level model is the 42 Trawler, and the flagship is the 128 Explorer still in project stage, while the latest launch is the 42 Trawler EU.  Jet Tern also builds but so far not distributed in Europe the Artemis planing line, Apollo catamaran series, and the entry level Serena. Selene Yachts Europe new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Trawler Yachts, Explorer Yachts, Selene Yachts Europe, and Brokerage. 

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