October 1, 2011

blogger - End of Summer

Sadly, the end of Summer 2011 has arrived.  Definitely a negative period for many boaters especially if memories of a nice season are abound in your camera, films, and most importantly in your soul.  But the end of Summer always bring with interest to us European and North American boaters the boat show season.  We start with what is the glamours Cannes show, followed by the Super yacht cat walk at Monte Carlo, with Southampton in the South Coast of Britain making its way in between, continuing to Genoa, and ending in Fort Lauderdale, and Barcelona come mid Autumn Season.
Apart these famous World class shows, where most known famous brands usually launch the new models, there is also a couple dozens of more local or specialized shows all over Europe, and the States which always want to bring the interest to an upgrade to what one currently owns.
It is interesting to see the market response from the builders to the economy slow down in the last years with more caution in new releases and also upgrading and improving current successful models to more client demands.  Model changes have also come slower since 2009, but those who could read the market better are obviously showing higher enthusiasm at the shows.  Some builders have shown a positive trend in recent months at Cannes; with both Ferretti Group and Absolute stating a successful 2011 and cautious important challenges coming ahead.  Hopefully some other builders will follow, but a key to survival I think in the current market situation is also a caution approach in investments, and new model releases and may be that is why the two above had better results.

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