September 25, 2011

Web: Prestige New Web Site

A new website for French power yacht and cruiser builder Prestige. The new websites continues what was started in 2009 with the re-branding of Prestige distinct itself from the Jeanneau name, and part of the Beneteau Group. Presented in 2001, as Jeanneau premier motor boat range with the help of designer Garroni, Prestige became very fast a market leader in medium sized boats, and the five hundred deliveries of the 34 S from the Express Line reached in 2008 is a testimony to this. This model stopped in production in 2009 is still its best seller. Today Prestige continues its partnership with designer Garroni and builds a range of twelve models in a three offer; Express Line, Flybridge Line, and Yachts Division.  The entry model is the 2010 launched 350 of the Flybridge Line, with the flagship being the 60 from Yacht Division launched in 2009. The new web site from Prestige is available in French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts Lines, The Brand, Network Prestige, News, Services, Prestige Apps, Site Map, and Languages.

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