September 18, 2010

Web: Fountain New Web Site

Renowned fast US boat builder Fountain updates its web showroom to a new design and more simple features. The website redesign follows by some months the ownership changes at Fountain, which now has a majority share holder in Liberty Investments with Reggie Fountain still keeping the position of President and CEO. Liberty Investments major share holder Bill Gates, takes position as Chairman. Fountain also moves away from a Public one being traded, to a complete Private entity. Starting its operations in 1978, Reggie Fountain created this US brand and successfully made it become a top of the class for ultra fast performing mono hulls. Fountain has basically rewritten all the records there is to do in mono hull class, and in all this it managed to win twice in a row the Powerboat P1 Evolution championship for the 2007 and 2008 season, a unique feat since this highly competitive class championship started in 2003. Fountain boats and Reggie Fountain also owns the fastest mono Vee shaped bottom speed records, which it improved nine times. Today Fountain produces three ranges: Sport Boats, Fish Boats, and Express Cruisers. The smallest offer is the twin outboard powered 31 Center Console in the Fish Boats range, and the flagship is the two cabin, triple engined 48 Express Cruiser, which while comfortable does not forget its roots having top speeds of 56 knots. The new website welcomes with a changing picture which shows in timely manner each model of the builder. Below is a Feature of the Week which while writing this article was the Kingfish Tourney win. Main buttons located up top are: Home, Company, Technology, Boats, Owner Center, and Contact.

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