January 9, 2010

Web: Pearl New Web Site

British boat builder Pearl Motor Yachts updates its Internet World Wide showroom, presenting a new web site to its fans and customers. Founded in 1998 by Iain Smallridge Pearl has to be credited for developing a line based on the Northern, British looking ideals featuring the always spacious master aft cabin typical of the classic UK design. Pearl started up by presenting first a 45 model in the Southampton show of 1999, which was followed in the next four years by a smaller 41, and 43. In the year 2000 Pearl moved to Stratford in Avon, and in 2002 Tony Whittaker, a professional engineer, renowned RYA instructor, and boat owner took the helm of the company. This ownership change took Pearl to the next level and family Whittaker commissioned designs for the next model to renowned designers Bill Dixon, and Evan K. Marshall who presented the ground breaking 55 at the Southampton show of 2003. Today in its eleven years of history Pearl has a major distribution network covering most of the European continent, and builds three Motor Yachts models starting with the 50 presented in 2006, the 60 launched in 2005, and the 75 which is still a project. Pearl's new web showroom takes you around with the following buttons: Home, About Us, Motor Yachts, Dealer Network, Brokerage, Charter, News&Events, and Yachting Services.

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