August 17, 2009

Engine: John Deere HazLoc 6081HFH70 325hp

John Deere Power Systems is pleased to announce a new patented PowerTech HazLoc diesel engines. Built upon John Deere's proven 8.1L platform, the PowerTech HazLoc 6081HFH70 diesel engine received United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Center certification for Class 1, Division 1 Zone 1 Groups C & D hazardous locations. The PowerTech HazLoc electronically governed diesel engines are certified for use on board USCG–certified subchapter D & O vessels. As electronic engines have become more commonplace, engines installed in these marine applications are required to meet weather-deck requirements for electronics as directed by the USCG in United States-flagged vessels where there is the possibility of an explosive atmosphere in normal operations. A Class 1, Division 1 Zone 1 area is defined as being within a 3 meters radius of any source of gases that could create an explosive atmosphere, including tank vents, sounding tubes, valves and pumps. Any engine that operates in these conditions must meet these requirements. John Deere is the first diesel engine manufacturer to receive USCG MSC certification for Class 1 Division 1 (Zone 1) group C & D hazardous weather-deck locations, for electronically controlled engines. The John Deere PowerTech 6081HFH70 has 8.1L of displacement and offers up to 242 kW - 325hp at 2100 rpm. The 6081HFH70 is a 6-cylinder, electronically controlled, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled industrial engine for use in marine auxiliary applications.

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