July 26, 2008

Projects: Estensi 420 Goldstar C, Estensi 560 Goldstar Fly C

Goldstar is the line from Cantieri Estensi of traditional cruisers and yachts based on the classic design of the lobster boat, a type of craft which made boating history in the US in the early to middle of the twentieth century. This new 420 Goldstar C is the classic evolution of the 400 Goldstar S, featuring a bigger cockpit, wood finished patio door just as tradition should be and a squarish stern with integrated bathing platform. Length wise she is identical to the 400 with the same beam 4.00 metres, but also the same overall length 12.90 metres. Power comes from a pair of 400 hp engines, and certification is the maximum usually given to European build boats, that is a CE A rating. A new project from Estensi also in the Goldstar line, presenting another evolution to the 540 model, with the new 560 Goldstar Fly C, with designer Maurizio Zuccheri following the competition and offering a flybridge version to the flagship. Apart the flybridge other important difference will be the classic squared stern, which adds space to the cockpit, with the manufacturer claiming it to be the most spacious of the category.

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